B2-1: Blogging Portfolio

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B2-1: Blogging Portfolio

B2-1: Blogging Portfolio

Coverage: The AP Stylebook (p. 338-368) - I voiced my confusion about quotes being allowed to have bias.

Coverage, Depth, Timeliness: Friday's lab exercise - I talked about the different angles and interchangeable facts.

Coverage, Depth, Timeliness: Feature Article Pitch - CRAFT and how it contributes to SHU.

Coverage, Depth, Timeliness: Mock Crime Report - a twisted version of the three pigs/bad wolf tale.

Coverage, Timeliness: AP Guide to Newswriting (Ch. 9 + 10) - I talked about the structure and differences between editorials, features, and straight news.

Coverage, Timeliness: We the Media (Intro, Ch. 1, 2) - I talked about the author's negative view of journalism as a corporation.

Coverage, Depth: Feature Progress Report - CRAFT - basic club information and goals have been obtained, as well as quotes from the club leader.

The Comment Primo:
- Kevin Hinton, "Libel or Slander in Opinion"
- Chera Pupi, "Hmm..."
- Denamarie Ercolani, "AP Stylebook pg 338-368"

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