B2-2: Blogging Portfolio

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B2-2: Blogging Portfolio

B2-2: Blogging Portfolio

Coverage, Timeliness: Feature Progress Report - CRAFT - basic club information, goals, and quotes from the club leader.

Coverage, Timeliness: We the Media (Intro, Ch. 1, 2) - I talked about the author's negative view of journalism as a corporation.

Coverage: We the Media by Dan Gillmor (Ch. 3-5)

Coverage, Depth, Timeliness: P2: First Draft - CRAFT club bursting at the seams

Coverage, Depth, Timeliness: Ex 0-2: Entertainment/Sports Writing: SHU Theatre Performs “Kindertransport” - I compared my review of Kindertransport to a literature paper and noted the differences between the BBC's review of the production and my own.

Coverage: We the Media (Ch 11 & 12, Epilogue)

Coverage, Depth: P2: Revised Draft - I added quotes from Maureen Vissat, the club advisor. I also revised my lead.

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Comment Primo
- Andrew LoNigro, "We the Media (Ch 11 & 12, Epilouge)"
- Denamarie Ercolani, "We the Media CH 11-12 and Epilogue"
- Kevin Hinton, "First to Comment"

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