Bernhardi and More, cont.

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Professor Bernhardi by Arthur Schnitzler

Henry and Cromwell bully More, while Bernhardi is pressured by his hospital colleagues:

EBENWALD: The fact is there are many people who do not find it proper that in an institute where a Prince and a Bishop are trustees, and where statistically eighty-five percent of the patients are Catholic, a majority of the attending physicians belong to another confession. That simply makes for bad blood in certain circles.”

Hochroitzpointner even gave testimony against Berhardi during his trial.

Both were wrongly imprisoned, More for treason and Bernhardi for religious insabordination. Bernhardi disregarded the principles of society in favor of his own medical ethics. They’re both victims to a political game and have lives that depend on the whims of those in power. The politics that hold Berhardi hostage are a combination of envy and anti-semitism.

Bernhardi is like Troy in Fences because his life is greatly affected by the prejudices of society. Bernhardi was also a bit like Oedipus since he too seemed to have been screwed from the beginning.

Though both characters have amazingly blind faith, everything turned out alright for Berhardi. Still the similarity of not giving into the conventions of others remains.

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