Fences by August Wilson

"TONY: Then when I saw that gal I got to thinking that if I tried I just might be able to steal second."

Troy wants Cory to resign his fate to working at the A&P in order to protect him from disappointment. He believes, despite living with less racial prejudices, Cory should settle for something he doesn’t want. He tries to make him self-sufficient by driving him away.

“You go on and get your book learning so you can work yourself up in that A&P…get you a trade.” Troy seems to want the best for Cory. Or maybe he’s bitter and doesn’t want anyone to be able to live their dream, since he didn’t get to live his. He wants Cory to let go of his dreams, but Troy can’t let go of his. He makes numerous references to baseball. Everything relates to baseball – death is like baseball, his affair is like baseball, and there’s “strike one” for Cory.

Rose was a really selfless and amazing character. Rose had the dream of a stable, loving family. She tries to keep her family together and even takes in the child of another woman. She doesn’t support Troy’s actions, but realizes that it shouldn’t stop Raynell from having a mother. She even thinks well of Troy after he’s dead: “I do know he meant to do more good than harm."


I definetly agree with you Kayla. I think that in this story Rose was the good cop and Troy was the bad cop. But he came from a rough childhood so you could understand where he was coming from. I do think that he was trying to hold Cory back from his dreams, he was just looking after his son like a father would. But i do think that Cory should be able to do whatever he wants with his future, it is his life, his dad is not living his son's life.

Kayla, I really feel that Rose was an impressive character as well! She had so many characteristics that I would like myself to have such as perseverence. I love her attitude when she willingly takes Troy's child even though it is nothing but a burden for her. By her making that decision and choice, she gave Cory the chance to meet a little sister later on in life and finally respect his father as he does in the last scene. It's amazing how one person can hole everything together.

I agree with Kayla.Rose's choiceto take in Raynell showed her strength and what black women in the 50's moral standards were.She is a woman of love, patience, and forgiveness.

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