Kindertransport Production


Kindertransport Production

I didn’t realize how much the first scene paralleled the second until I saw it on-stage. The scenes transcend so smoothly and the music played during the reading of the Ratcatcher was dead-on.

I noticed some people were confused during intermission. They seemed to think that Eva was talking to herself when she couldn’t hear her mother through the window on the train.

The affect of the Nazi Border Official putting the Star of David on Eva’s number was lost, since we couldn’t see it. Understandable, and probably something you can only get from reading the play. Another lost affect was when Eva would speak in German. The play would give it in English while also giving the reader the idea that she was really speaking German. Obviously they weren’t able to do that on-stage.

However, I didn’t notice the humor in the play as well as I did during the production. In particular: The English Organizer shouting, “Sit! Stay!” at Eva, and the Postman marching around like Hitler.



Do you think the humor comes from the way the play is directed? Sometimes when I am reading, I interject what this might appear to be like on the stage in my mind, and I saw that as sort of a humorous scene in the readings.

Good observations.


In another life, I think I was a director. Although I mostly enjoyed the production, I also found several instances where I woul have altered the interpretation. I think the lighting was well-done, but the crew could have dramatically used that technology to their advantage.

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