Kindertransport by Diane Samuels

LIL. I’m sorry, love. Don’t speak German. You’ll have to learn English.”
LIL. I saved you.

EVELYN. Part of me is dead because of you.”

Evelyn had to hide her Jewish origins as a child, and she never stopped hiding them even as an adult. Lil encourages it. Evelyn even went so far as to reinvent herself in order to hide her painful past. If it weren’t for Faith she may never had tried to remember. Telling her past was the only way to have a future with her daughter.

Though Faith and Evelyn seem to have a distant relationship, Faith can still see self-loathing in Evelyn: “EVELYN. The Whitewash has been stripped away and underneath is pure filth.” Odd that she’d name her daughter “Faith” since she doesn’t seem to have much faith in Lil, her daughter, her parents, the government, and people in general.

There’s a lot of packing going on throughout the play. Helga packs Eva up to go to England, Evelyn helps Faith pack to move into her apartment, Faith unpacks Evelyn’s past, Lil and Evelyn rip it up.

It would probably be difficult for actors to be both past and present versions of their characters, since the versions are so very different. I like how it didn’t end happily, and that there are still issues that are not completely reconciled.


I also thought of why she named her daughetr Faith when she never really had any for herself. It made me wonder why Samuels did that.

It seems as though the packing is adjacent to the motions of their undulating relationship. It was good that you pointed that out, Kayla. Something I found interesting was that her daughter was more interested in her past, than she was. It is important always to understand the past before you can go forward.

The unresolved issues are sort of reminiscent of the Holocaust. Is hate something that will ever be resolved? I think Samuels is making a comment about that issue.

Good observations, Kayla.

I honestly feel the play had very little to do with faith. If she wasn't in the paly it would change much at all. Lil could be the one to discover the boxes but that's just me. Also she doesn't say "part of me is dead because of you" to Lil that line is said to Helga.

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