P2: Feature Progress Reports

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P2: Feature Progress Reports

Feature Progress Report – CRAFT

Most of my progress has been made through ongoing e-mails between Moira Richardson and myself. I have the basic information and lot of good quotes from Moira Richardson. I plan to attend some CRAFT meetings this week and interview some other members.

It’s main function is “to provide a way for crafty-people to get together and create.” Also to create things that will improve the community at large – “using our joys and hobbies to improve the world, if you will.”

She’s “still musing” about the Christmas projects, but she thinks they are going to try to do a knitted-quilt that will be displayed in the Library or somewhere. “I really want CRAFT to be out there in the community, doing things that make the world (at least at SHU) a better place.” Other ideas for the future are: providing donations to organizations like Campus Ministry, holding auctions of their own products to raise money for specific causes, and beautifying the campus.

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