Portfolio 3

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Portfolio 3

Portfolio 3

Coverage, Discussion, Timeliness: Kindertransport by Diane Samuels -- I talked about how far Evelyn went to reinvent herself and how revealing her past was necessary to her relationship with Faith.

Coverage, Depth, Discussion, Timeliness: A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt -- In my first entry I talked about More's integrity and how it affects the conflict of the play. In the second entry I discussed More's use of silence as a smart defense.

Coverage, Timeliness: Fences by August Wilson -- I talked about Troy's baseball references and how each character has their own dream.

Coverage, Depth, Timeliness: Professor Bernhardi by Arthur Schnitzler -- I compared Berhardi to Sir Thomas More in both my first entry and my second. The first entry noted their similarities in occupation and theme. The second noted their similarities in imprisonment and personal convictions.

Coverage, Timeliness: After seeing SHU's production of Kindertransport, I made some observations about what the play offers that the production could not give, and vice versa.

- Chera Pupi, "What the heck is going on?"
- Amanda Nichols, "Last Rites"
- Katie Aikins, "Fences"
- Denamarie Ercolani, "I am sorry your Reverance"
- Lorin Schumacher, "Reversal for the Characters and the Audience"
- Denamarie Ercolani, "Innocent Man"

Comment Primo:
- Sean Runt, "The Thoughts of Your Heart"
- Lorin Schumacher, "War of the Roses"
- Lorin Schumacher, "Fellowship"
- Denamarie Ercolani, "Loyalty"
- Lorin Schumacher, "Tom's Coffin"
- Andrew LoNigro, "Keepin' it simple"

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