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November 2, 2005

Portfolio 2

Portfolio 2

Portfolio 2

Discussion, Timeliness: Everyman by Anonymous: I questioned why Good Deeds was stuck in the ground.

Discussion: Fuddy Meers by David Lindsay-Abaire: I noted that Limping Man seems to be aspiring to be like Richard.

Discussion, Timeliness: York Corpus Christi Plays: Creation and the Fall of Lucifer, The Crucifixion, and A Christ Taken Prisoner: I compared the three plays and found a similarity in that they all seem to use pain and suffering as a punishment.

Coverage, Interaction: Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe: In my first entry, I talked about how Faustus uses knowledge as a form of control. For second entry, I compare Faustus to Everyman, and discussed which one is easier to relate to.

Coverage, Depth, Discussion, Timeliness: Hamlet by Shakespeare: In my first entry I discussed, at considerable length, about Hamlet's love of words and gave many examples. In my second entry, I talked about how Hamlet is disillusioned by love. For my third entry, I explored the different theories concerning Ophelia's death, which one I supported, and why.

Coverage, Depth, Discussion, Timeliness: Shakespeare in Bush by Laura Bohannon: I discussed how our culture affects our interpretation of Hamlet.

Coverage: Sure Thing by David Ives: I questioned the purpose of the bell.

Coverage, Discussion, Timeliness: The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams: In my first entry, I talked about Amanda, her cares, and her past. The second entry discussed Jim and his relationship to the other characters.

The Comment Primo:
- Lorin Schumacher, "Tom's Coffin"
- Sean Runt, "Move!"
- Andrew LoNigro, "Faustus"
- Denamarie Ercolani, "Storytelling"
- Denamarie Ercolani, "Sponges?"
- Denamarie Ercolani, "Who really is that man behind the mask?"
- David Denninger, "Hubris of the (Middle) Ages"

The Link Gracious:
Amanda Nichols, "Creeeeeeeepy"

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For my Wildcard, I've compared Oedipus Rex to Harry Potter. No, really.

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