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November 18, 2005

SHU Theatre Performs “Kindertransport”

Ex 0-2: Entertainment/Sports Writing

SHU Theatre Performs “Kindertransport”

Seton Hill University (SHU) Theatre’s production of “Kindertransport,” by Diane Samuels, opened Friday and will continue through the 19th. The production is guest directed by Kellee Van Aken, artistic associate at the City Theatre.

Kindertransport is the story of Eva Schlesinger, a young Jewish girl who is part of a WW II operation to rescue Jewish children from Nazi Germany. Eva is sent to live with an Englishwoman and has to adapt to her new life and language. The story follows the changes in her life until she is a grown woman with England as her new home.

The characters struggle with family ties and historical lies. Once her daughter discovers her true heritage, Eva – now Evelyn, is faced with her painful past and all that she has done to reinvent herself comes crashing down. The audience can watch as tradition loses in the race to survive.

“The set design and costumes were plain, but the plainness added to the somber mood,” said junior Michael Diezmos. “The personalities of the actors were enough to make this play successful.”

Cast members are Sarah Danko as Eva; Maureen Lydon as Faith; Danielle Nortum as Evelyn; Elizabeth Serra as Lil, Jonathan Stewart as Ratcatcher, and Laura Stracko as Helga.

“Helga made me feel very emotional. I really felt bad for her when she was leaving and wanted Evelyn to go with her,” said freshmen Danielle Meyer.

“My favorite cast member was Sarah Danko because of her great mastery in speaking German,” said Diezmos. “The cast only had several weeks to rehearse and she spoke German very naturally.”

“I liked how there was humor even though it was a sad story,” said freshmen Nicole Vaccaro. “My favorite character was Lil because she moved into time changes so well and was like a spunky grandma.”

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Article Comparisons

My review of Kindertransport was different from a literature paper because I didn’t go into a lot of detail about each character and their history. I really didn’t talk about anyone other than the main character. The summary (which I have become unaccustomed to writing) didn’t cover everything and there wasn’t any sort of analytical value. I had to be careful not to give too much away.

The professional review of Kindertransport noted specific instances in the play as well as the emotional element. It also discussed the historical background and even had a special section devoted to it. It talked about the history of the author as well, and had quotes from her. The quotes were very long though. Also, it didn’t give the title of the play until the third page.

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