We the Media (Ch. 3-5)

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We the Media by Dan Gillmor (Ch. 3-5)

Blogs alternately reflect and impact life as we know it. This is true of most forms of communication. Think of the telegraph, the telephone, and the television. Think of the internet itself. Much like the concept of a simple face-to-face conversation, the blog is give and take. It's conversation in technology's clothing.

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I like your comparisons, because they point to the elements of communications. Isn't it a little bit far-fetched to compare the telephone to weblogs? Blogging is going to be important, but not everyone is using it in this time period. We are not really sure if blogging is going to be an everyday thing for 20 years from now. I personally think that blogs are going to be big, but not universally beneficial to all of mankind. I do appreciate your insight on how much of an impact blogs will make.

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