Sophie’s Choice --- Golub, ''Passion for Paper''


It would be a difficult choice, but if I had to choose between a physical book and the PDF version, I would choose the PDF.

PDF’s win my love with their search option. No need to flip through page after endless page when you can just do a quick search for the phrase you’re looking for. Example: The only way to conquer the navigational nightmare that is the online course catalog is by utilizing the search option. Instead of an hour of scrolling, just search for “science requirement” and you will be shown every course that satisfies the science requirement.

It's nice to know I'd be willing to sell out books just to save a little time.


You have a way with words, Kayla, and a talent for distilling your thoughts into a single clear statement. Well done!

I have to agree with Dr. Jerz, Kayla.

But I also have to ask the question what would you do if it was a fiction item that you liked--would you rather hold it in your hand and see the page? Or would you rather use it on a PDF or DOC file that you could save, and add notes too of why this is your favorite book, and what scenes you liked and what an author did with that scene so you could use the same style in your (eventual/hopeful/whatever) writing?

I agree, Kayla! Sometimes when I'm reading (and I'll deny it every time) I wish I had a "Ctrl+F" function so I can find what it is that I'm looking for. This ultimately happens when I'm doing research because I've read so much and can't remember where I put the specific phrase and forgot to put it on a notecard... >

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