Ex 6: Usability Report

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After reviewing my own website, I think I need to incorporate what I learned about bullets in my Pancakes around the World section. Cherie Menser recommended that I bold the name of the countries so that they stand out and make skimming easier. Another piece of advice was to change the misleading link about recipes. "I expected to find cooking recipes on the other end. Adding an adjective or changing the words a little might match the history you give," she recommended.

Also, I think the paragraphs on all the pages need to be indented.

John Fish recommended that I include "more pictures or more varied formatting" but pictures make websites take longer to load and as far as formatting goes, I'm trying keep a "consistent design scheme for each page".

My main image links to my Sarah's Notebook website. Oops.. Jeremy Barrick also told me other links that need to be fixed.

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