Portfolio 1

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Portfolio 1

• Myspace: Lehre, ''MySpace: The Movie''; Stafford, ''Why parents must mind MySpace''; Haddock, ''Online Danger Zone''; Boyd, ''Friendster lost steam. Is MySpace just a fad?' [Coverage, Depth, Interaction]

• Ex 2: Personal Biography of Writing Technology [Coverage, Depth, Discussion, Interaction, Timeliness]

• Golub, ''Passion for Paper'' [Coverage, Depth, Discussion, Interaction]

• Haddock, ''Online Danger Zone'' [Coverage]

• Young, ''The 24-Hour Professor'' [Coverage, Interaction]

• Bush, ''As We May Think'' [Coverage, Interaction]

• Project 1 Proposal [Coverage]

• Linking and Blurbing

• Group Website

• Combination: Price and Price, Hot Text, Chapters 9 and 10; Jerz, ''Navigation: an often neglected component of web authorship'' [Coverage, Depth, Discussion, Interaction]

• Price and Price, Hot Text, Chapters 11, 12, and 13 [Coverage, Interaction]

• Price and Price, Hot Text, Chapters 14, 15, and 16 [Coverage]

• Ex 5: Richly Linked Blog Entry [Coverage, Richly Linked Blog Entry, Timeliness]


• Cherie Menser, “Scare Tactics”

• Erin Waite, "Castro: A big help"

• Michael Poiarkoff, "websites shouldn't give you seizures"

• Kathleen Walker, "To: Professor@University.edu..."

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Thanks for categorizing your accomlishments this way, Kayla. I continue to be impressed by your controlled, to-the-point and often droll writing style.

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