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I explored the red planet and managed to take the only thing I could: a seed pod. Then since I was about to run out of oxygen, I backtracked to the spaceship and got out in time. Naturally, the parachutes failed to open. After plummeting into the ocean, I wound up in a "home office" where I eventually let some foreign exchange kid drown in a pool. Fabulous.

I was then back inside the spaceship that plummeted into the ocean. I explored an underwater castle, cunningly navigated my way out, explored a beach, found a chest full of dirt, and wound up in a garage. And after all that, the garage is my downfall. I got stuck in the garage and couldn’t figure a way out.

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Kayla, the person drowning in your pool is the young Alley -- the babysitter who is telling the Red Planet story to the girl Wendy.

Here is a walkthrough that includes the commands you need to type in order to get out of the garage and get on with the story. You got a little more than halfway through, which means you don't quite have enough pieces of the story for them to start coming together meaningfully. I encourage you to give it another shot, perhaps playing with a classmate.

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