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I guess I’m making average progress on my final project, or at least as much progress as one could make in a few days time. I’ve been collecting information. My main page is finished. My links page is finished and I used linking and blurbing like in “Blurbs: Writing Previews of Web Pages”. All the other pages I want to include are set up but are without content.

I used the “Titles for Web Pages” text when thinking of an appropriate title for project three and “Navigation: an often neglected component of web authorship” when making sure the website could be easily navigated.

I will keep the content short, like it was advised in Nielsen’s ''How Users Read on the Web'' and in chapter fourteen of Price and Price's Hot Text: "Guests skim your headlines, glance at the lead phrase or sentence, and, if you are lucky, skim the first paragraph or two."

And after I’ve completed the project I will send it to a few people for usability testing like in “Usability Testing: What is it?” My last usability testing was a very useful experience and I'm sure the one for the final project will be as well.

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Hi Kayla!

So, I can't believe I didn't write to you before: I'm starting a magazine & I need more submissions. Interested? If you drop me a line (greensburg.magazine at gmail), I can tell you more.


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