Kirschenbaum (Ch 3)


"The more deeply digitalization penetrates the more efficient the process becomes. This has immediate and tangible repercussions on our technologies for reproducing texts and images." - (p. 134) Kirschenbaum

All technology is digital now. Technology cannot be defined without being called digital. Digitalization creates speed and efficiency.


Yes, and a new way of looking at things that were once analog, such as an alarm clock.

I wouldn't say all technology is digital now. I still wear an analog watch without a digital display.

Remember when you had to go through the process of scanning to upload a picture. Now, with two clicks from your phone, the pciture can be uploaded to your facebook almost instantly.

And would a watch battery be considered digital, Chris?

Ananlog or not, what hasn't changed is that the alarm clock is still one of the most annoying things on the planet. That's one thing that hasn't improved with technology

Digitalization does create speed, efficiency and adds to the quality of things like movies. Recently I was talking with Dr. Wendland about how most movies are going digital when in the theatres rather than using the old time reels of film. Although it sometimes feels like the digital revolution is taking over I still own my fair share of VHS tapes, which Wal-Mart and several other conglomerations have subsequently ceased selling.

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