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The Universal Experience of Newswriting

The Student Newspaper Survival Guide, by Rachele Kanigel, discusses the advantages of being a student journalist. She believes that because of the typically young age of students, they have unique contributions to make. And though this book was written for an audience of staff members that participate in large student newspapers, I still find the information applicable to the very small staff of the Setonian. I have yet to read a chapter that isn't relatable in some way.

Large or small, all newspapers function in similar ways. They all use language that relates to their readership and they all have the same problems, like worrying about false sources. Regardless of the size of a student paper, they are the best way to gain experience in journalism.

And with the Internet, student newspapers can put their content online and watch it grow. They can gain experience in new media as well as journalism. Each new group of staff members can contribute more innovative applications to their campus newspaper's website so that it is constantly evolving.

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I also found the book applicable to us, but only at certain points. I had to stretch it in certain entries. But I understodd the whole book in theory. I found one of the most informative sections to be Sports Writing. Granted, I have no interest in that branch of journalism, but I learned about the different sets of rules and guielines, so that's something.

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