EOJ Ch 1-3


“Where 1.0 was all about establishing an online presence and providing news, information, and entertainment for users to consumer, Web 2.0 is all about engaging people in many ways, empowering them to become active participants in the communication process. Indeed, we have entered the age of the ‘We’ in new media.” - Preface, The Elements of Online Journalism by Rey G. Rosales

It makes sense that we would find ways to adapt and utilize the Internet in new and improved ways. We have moved beyond the “exploration” phase of all that is the Internet and are now personalizing it to fit our unique tastes.


You are correct. Ways of adapting to the Internet are now gone. Finding what we are compatible with to suit our needs is the final remedy of perfection. It is like finding a doctor that best suits you. Once you fine one, you never leave them.

The internet is old hat to our generation. We're familiar with how to navigate. The exploratory phase is over, and now we're really beginning to work the medium to its potential. The internet is versatile: we can use it a a forum, a diary, a research database, and an entertainment center. In many ways, I'm glad I have a computer and not a tv. Everything takes place through one machine.

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