Ex 1-2: Practice Screencast


Ex 1-2: Practice Screencast

Topics: Adjusting the Screen, Zooming, Altering the Shape, Adding Color, and Adjusting Color Specifics

1. Press the middle mouse button to adjust the screen so you can see the shape.
2. Scroll to zoom in or out.
3. To change the shape, go to Edit Mode.
4. Right click and drag to alter the shape, and left click when finished.
5. To color, click “Material buttons” in the panel.
6. Select the box next to “Col”.
7. Select a color.
8. Drag the bars in Specular and Mirror to find a specific color.
9. To alter the hue and saturation, click HSV and drag the bars.


Kayla, sweet job on your screencast. In the words of that dude it was "quick and dirty" haha. Seriously, verysimple task with simple well read steps. Very good speaking voice too by the way.

Your tutorial was very easy to follow, I could do everything you said. It was very clear and concise. :)

very minimalistic and straight to the point. But that's a good thing. I understood everything you were saying, unlike some of the tutorials out there that show you how to do something, but don't tell you what buttons to hit in order to create the function.

Really good stuff. I was interested when you took the shape and sort of distorted it. I can, though, understand the frustrations that come along with Blender. It is not easy to use. I feel that we should have focused on it for half of the semester. I agree with Rachael, your speaking voice is so serious.

Jeremy, if you really like Blender and want more of it, I'd be happy to consider an independent study with you next term. Just FYI.

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