Ex 2-1: Inform 7 Screencast


Even though I enlarged the text size, you can't read anything in my Ex 2-1: Inform 7 Screencast when it plays on YouTube, but you can when it's viewed in Windows Media Player.


Okay... bring the uncompressed version to class and I'll upload it so we can see the full version.

a suggestion would be to explain what you have typed. Or have already programmed the game somewhat and then explained the steps you went through. I'm sure we'd understand it better if the file wasn't so compressed.

Yes, can you post the source code here on this blog, so that when we watch the video we can see in larger form what you're typing?

CamStudio also has an option to zoom more closely in on a small window, and to follow your mouse around, so that you could create a movable portal that's roughly the width of the left-hand panel. Super3Boy does this on his Blender3D videos. It's a bit disorienting if you move the mouse around too much, but at least the text is legible.

There is a lot of dead space in your presentation. You did a good job, just speak up.

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