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Inform 7 Games

I played “Lost Pig” and “House of Dream of Moon” because they didn’t require any downloading. Trying to find an interactive fiction game that can be played without downloading is nearly impossible. Most of them even require downloading interpreter programs.

The games were basically the same. A lot of wandering around, picking things up, examining, and asking about. Eventually I’d get stuck after I’d been in every room, examined every object and picked up everything that I could.


Kayla, rather than simply summarizing your experience at this very basic level, can you take another look at the course objectives (section 4 of the syllabus) and use your encounter with these texts as an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to reflect on your progress in a 400-level course that is part of the NMJ major objectives?

Can you refer to some *specific* experiences created by your encounters with these *specific* texts? Why did you choose *these* two games rather than some *other* games that you can play without downloading? How will either of these games help you in your goal to write the educational game you've already started planning?

I wonder if we could talk a bit about your stated intent to avoid downloading any files or interpreters. Working with programs and files are an important part of a new media education, and after all these games are free. All the interpreters and hundreds of games would easily fit on a USB drive, which is listed as "required" in the syllabus.

I'd be happy to help you set your drive up so that you can participate fully in this part of the class.

Like I told Tiffany, IF games are tough if you are not an avid player of them.

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