There Is War Inside a War

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“They told me I had to come back or I’d lose my job.” This is Graff.

“Ender smiled back. He felt comfortable with Graff. Graff was good, and he was principal of the battle school. Ender relaxed a little. He would have a friend there.”(30 Ender's Game)


                War and training for war are often portrayed as friendless businesses. You can tell in this seen that Ender is still unsure of the circumstances he is walking himself into. The damage the character will be put through in the father is foreshadowed leading up to this moment. This moment as a reader you have some hope that he will do great but if you take time to think about it when does that ever happen? How can Graff be Enders friend? It is a War I mean really have you ever seen someone after the war things change and friends they had get lost. Graff didn’t even want to be their y would he want to be any of the new warriors friends? When reading this part my heart sinks a little because I know this hope will not last for long and it doesn’t. Ender has to fight the War he is ment to fight and the war he has to fight between him and his own commanders.


Richelle Dodaro said:

I agree that war is portrayed as "friendless business", but I don't think that always friends are going to be lost after the war. People do change, but I think if the friendship was real, then it should not go away. Real friendship is love, and love should be unconditional.

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