Time, Speed, Excitement!

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Sentence variety - “A style in which too many of the sentences fall into the same syntactical pattern can sound monotonous.”¬† 192pg Hamilton


There is a various ways a writer can engage their readers. There is a lot more thought that goes into writing than I thought. A peace of writing can force emotions out of the reader unexpectedly drawing them in. Most of the time you hear about figurative language changing a readers perspective but you can all so change the speed they read it and the emphasis they put on Curtain words. You can do this by changing the length of a sentence, and by adding different types of punctuation. By doing this you let the reader engage in the excitement that you are tying to gain from your writing. You now feel the way your reader feels because 


Juliana Cox said:

I agree. Like we talked about in class last week adding a comma to a sentence and the placing of that comma can give the sentence a whole new meaning. So the little things you do to a sentence can make the reading better for the reader.

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