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Farmville is a game that is addicting. I, like Cody, Love Farmville. Integrating games with social networks is a fast and easy way to introduce a game to thousands and millions of people. Games that integrate into social networks like farmville attract a huge numbers of players because people are always looking for something new and exciting to do on their network. I began playing Farmville only because I would get bored and have nothing to do and I saw it on facebook. I became addicted to the game and played it every single day.

Research presentation

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Throughout the class we have looked at how video games and computer games can be used for entertainment and as an educational tool. We have talked about connecting with games and our frustrations with some games. Some people have brought up how media is portraying video games in a negative light, now lets talk about how video games can bring a family together and be a positive tool instead of a negative one.

Most video games have a mulitplayer option, allowing for people to play and enjoy the games together. Video games such as Guitar Hero, Wii Sports, and others like these games, are not the violent games that the media potrays as a bad thing. These are the video games that are not talked about often and are used as a game that interests all ages and brings family and friends together.

 Here is the link to my video:

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Final Portfolio

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The last week of class has been full of excitment and entertainment. We were able to devlope and lead a discussion regaring and article we were allowed to select from the Williams and Smith book. While working on a research paper we developed videos and different online presentations, which I had never done before. Here is a look at some of the things I have done in the final week.


Jeremy, Jessie, and I had a little conversation going on my blog regarding the topic of Modding. Modding is something I am familiar with because it is in all of the sports games. I am a huge sports game player so this subject was very interesting and relevant to me. Jessie was also to directly relate to what I blogged about because she had played on fo the games I mentioned, Tiger Woods Golf.


While commenting about the discussion Cody helped lead for the class I was commented by Cody himself relating to what I had said. I have a lot of repsect for game devlopers and I was commented by Susan saying she had the same respect. This blog also recieved a comment from Jessie, who made a nice comment on Indie games.


Susan's discussion questions were greated and I was able to relate what I was saying to something Cody said earlier in his blog. Jessie, Susan, and I all agreed that kids are way to excited to begin playing the game and they are not worried about the TOS agreement. This was a great discussion because the topic had never been brought up in class or to me before.


The game of Scratch was a great concept for teaching kids about computer programming. Jessie and I agreed this was a great way of learning while Susan also agreed adding that the game could apply to a wide range of ages.


I was able to choose the topic "The Player's Journey" for my peer lead discussion. I had never done anything like this before so it was a fun and exciting new experience for me. I enjoyed having my peers comment on their own blogs regarding the questions I presented about the article. 





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I look at modding as being able to create different levels or modifying the current ones. This happens a lot in sports games. A game I have talked about before is Tiger Woods Golf. In every version of Tiger Woods you are able to create your own golf course and play tournaments on that course. In most sports games you are allowed to enter into a manager modd and begin creating a team as well as a venue for your team to play in. In NCAA football a gamer is able to create a player and do different drills to improve the stats of this player. The gamer is then able to put his player onto a team he created and begin attempting to win a National Championship with this team. Modding is very popular in sports games because it gives gamers something extra to look at and always leaves some excitment in the game no matter how long you have played it. This is why I love sports games so much because they allow you to build your own franchise and make you feel like you are running a college program, or the creater of an amazing golf course.


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I have never made my own game but I think it would be a very fun and interesting thing to do. I have a lot fo respect for people who can create their own games and make them a success in the video game culture. I personally think that the video game industry is worse off now that the techonology to create cutting-edge gaming experiences isn't available to everyone anymore. Over the past few years cutting-age gaming experiences has made people come to expect that they will always be getting this experience. Now that it is not available to everyone anymore, I think it is frustrating people because they are still expecting the best of the best.


Grimes with Susan

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When first looking at TOS contracts I notice the length of them such as the MyUville example. The lenght of these contracts is always the first thing that makes myself and others disinterested in reading these. I do not have the patience to read and understand the entire contract so I usually do not.  Also when these TOS contracts are opened kids are wanting to play the game so bad they will only skim the contract if even look throught it at all. While trying to read MyUville it was much harde to read than I had expected (most likely because I have never actually read a TOS contract). I had to reread some things becuase I could not fully understand the phrases and vocabulary used throughout the agreement.

I think players' should have ownership over player generated creations. The player is after all the one generating these creations so they should belong to the player throughout the game. Also as Jeremy said, "Afterall it's only virtuaL porperty."

These creations are not reality and only exist in the game. These creations sould be owned by the played and the industry should not be able to control that was created by someone else and is not reality anyway.

The game of scratch

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It is interesting to me that this is designed to introduce kids  the basics of computer programming. We have talked about how games need to be interesting and help us connect for the game to be productive and successful. Scratch uses colorful blocks as bits and pieces of programming code that will only fit together in a certain way. This helps the kids become more engaged and interested in this. Elementary kids like coloring books and puzzels and scratch incorporates both of those. This helps kids look at scratch as a "fun" game instead of learning, which they are doing. This also teachers kids a very complicated thing in a very fun and simple way. I wish i had been able to experience this when I was younger.


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Video games can take us out of the real world and put us into a fictional universe where anything is possible. We as humans will still use our real life experience to solve problems in video game experience. It is only natural that we relate to previous experiences to help solve our current problems.

"In relation to us as humans it is not uncommon to ask ourselves what we would do in a critical situation."

Look at the last mulitplayer game or team oriented game you have played and think about the quote. Throughout the game do you respond to situations as you would in real life? Flight or fight? How does your response during the game reflect you as a person?

Look at the diagram at the bottom of page 174, which player would you consider yourself?

Discussion questions

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Academics may chose to ignore single player games because they do not offer the same experience as mulitplayer games. Mulitplayer games offer more interaction between people as well as with the game. While playing mutliplayer games people are directly interacting and with each other and creating a different experience within the game.

I think console loyalty is a very interesting and real thing. Some people become so attached to a certain console that they will stay with that console no matter what comes out. I know I have done it. I have continued to stay with Playstation over the years and would never think of switching to XBOX or anything else.


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The Atari Video Computer System was one of the most popular systems around in 1985.

In 1985, Mitchell gave Atari 2600 consoles to twenty families and found that most families used the game systems as a shared play activity. Instead of leading to poor school performance, increased family violence, or strained family interactions, video games were a positive force on family interactions, "reminiscent of days of Monopoly, checkers, card games, and jigsaw puzzles" (Mitchell, 1985, p.134).

Crowther made colossal cave to play with his daughters.

  • "The year was 1972. Crowther, an amateur spelunker distraught over a recent divorce, wanted to create a game that he and his kids could play on the computer together. He whipped up a computer text simulation of the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky"

"Results About one respondent in 10 skipped at least one meal every week for either television viewing or computer game playing. Weekly meal skipping for television viewing occurs more regularly in boys and first-year students, but particularly in teenagers who view 5 h or more daily (15% of the sample). The category of teenagers who play computer games four times a week or more (25.3% of the sample) is at increased risk of meal skipping; those who play more than four times a week are 10 times more likely weekly to skip a meal."


Van den Bulck, J., and S. Eggermont. "Media use as a reason for meal skipping and fast eating in secondary school children."   Journal of Human Nutrition & Dietetics 19.2 (2006): 91-100. Academic Search Elite. EBSCO. Web. 14 Jan. 2010



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