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As Dr. Jerz said the review by Ajami is much more about the facts of the game. It gives you a run down of the game and is very helpful to those consumers who are reading the review and thinking about purchasing the game. The review by Ajami does not try to get the reader emotionally attached to the game. The review explains how the geam progresses and how it is both similar and different from the previous 2 games. Ajami helpes readers knew what they will be facing throughout the game, as well as, how your character will develop as you pass through certain stages of the game.

The first 2 words that you read on Shanahan`s piece immediatly hit you like a ton of bricks. Those two words together are not socially exceptable in our culture today and they immediatly cause different feelings and emotions running through your body. The style of writing by Shanahan gives you a much more real feeling and brings back memories of watching the movies and seeing the events unfold in front of you. Also throughout reading this there is a much more personal feeling. I feel like this was written to me and for me, to help me personally throughout the game. The personal feeling I have gotten from this review makes me want to play the game much more than the review by Ajami. I feel as though I am already attached to the game and my character.

I think new game journalism will benefit much more from having reviews such as the one Shanahan wrote. It is much more valuable to a customer or a reader because the review seems much more personal instead of being so structered and planned out. I would much rather hear about a game from a friend than from a magazine. Shanahan`s review seems more as if the review is coming from a friend or at least someone you can relate too. 


Cody Naylor said:

Keith, I completely agree with you that Shanahan's review sounds like a letter that was written directly for the reader! I think that the socially unacceptable language is a stretch, but I agree with you that new game journalism could benefit from the honesty and direct approach Shanahan takes...

Very good point, Shanahan's personality and specifics of his experience are part of what makes his article worth reading. Now, if I were looking for a weather report I wouldn't want to have to listen to the weather forecaster's personal story, so there will always be a place for the an information-centered writing style that emphasizes the facts first.

But we will write a New Games Journalism piece soon, and you'll able to try it out for yourself.

Jeremy Barrick said:

Relating to something keeps our interest.

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