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The last week of class has been full of excitment and entertainment. We were able to devlope and lead a discussion regaring and article we were allowed to select from the Williams and Smith book. While working on a research paper we developed videos and different online presentations, which I had never done before. Here is a look at some of the things I have done in the final week.


Jeremy, Jessie, and I had a little conversation going on my blog regarding the topic of Modding. Modding is something I am familiar with because it is in all of the sports games. I am a huge sports game player so this subject was very interesting and relevant to me. Jessie was also to directly relate to what I blogged about because she had played on fo the games I mentioned, Tiger Woods Golf.


While commenting about the discussion Cody helped lead for the class I was commented by Cody himself relating to what I had said. I have a lot of repsect for game devlopers and I was commented by Susan saying she had the same respect. This blog also recieved a comment from Jessie, who made a nice comment on Indie games.


Susan's discussion questions were greated and I was able to relate what I was saying to something Cody said earlier in his blog. Jessie, Susan, and I all agreed that kids are way to excited to begin playing the game and they are not worried about the TOS agreement. This was a great discussion because the topic had never been brought up in class or to me before.


The game of Scratch was a great concept for teaching kids about computer programming. Jessie and I agreed this was a great way of learning while Susan also agreed adding that the game could apply to a wide range of ages.


I was able to choose the topic "The Player's Journey" for my peer lead discussion. I had never done anything like this before so it was a fun and exciting new experience for me. I enjoyed having my peers comment on their own blogs regarding the questions I presented about the article. 




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