Fun from chapters 4-6

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``Nonetheless, we have fun mostly to improve our life skills.`` This quote is from chapter 4 and I think it is a very valiable way to look at the way we play games. I have always looked at playing games as strictly ammusment for myself and my friends, never to improve life skills. This quote made me look at the way I have played games differently and it did make me realize a lot of the games I have played have increased skills I use in every day life. I think this is essential for games to continue to do this for us.


In chapter 5 Koster syas, ``Delight stirkes when we recognize patterns but are surprised by them.`` As Koster had said earlier our brain is deisgned to recognize patterns. I feel like there are few moments in which we are in true delight. Our brains are very good at recognizing these patters and predicting what will happen next. We have all watched movies in which we can figure out the ending without all of the cluse. This is because our brain has recognized patters throughout the movie and we have come up with our own conclusion.


Chapter 6 Koster explains, ``It is equally clear that different people bring different experiences to the table that leaves them with differing levels of ability in solving given types of problems.`` Koster also goes on to talk about how this means that it is almost impossible for a single video game to appeal to everyone. The fact that we all have different experiences involved with video games is what has made these blogs so interesting over the past few days. This quote is a perfect example of what we have been doing over the past few days. Agreeing and disagreeing on things when it comes to the games we have talked about so far during this week.


Jeremy Barrick said:

Chapter 6, yes, everybody is different. That's what opinions are for.

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