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When first looking at TOS contracts I notice the length of them such as the MyUville example. The lenght of these contracts is always the first thing that makes myself and others disinterested in reading these. I do not have the patience to read and understand the entire contract so I usually do not.  Also when these TOS contracts are opened kids are wanting to play the game so bad they will only skim the contract if even look throught it at all. While trying to read MyUville it was much harde to read than I had expected (most likely because I have never actually read a TOS contract). I had to reread some things becuase I could not fully understand the phrases and vocabulary used throughout the agreement.

I think players' should have ownership over player generated creations. The player is after all the one generating these creations so they should belong to the player throughout the game. Also as Jeremy said, "Afterall it's only virtuaL porperty."

These creations are not reality and only exist in the game. These creations sould be owned by the played and the industry should not be able to control that was created by someone else and is not reality anyway.


Susan Carmichael said:

There needs to be a happy medium between the player and the industry, and change needs to happen soon.

Jessie Krehlik said:

I mentioned the same thing on my blog. I doubt the kids would even bother to read more kid-friendly versions of a TOS agreement. They're gonna be way too excited to play the game to even care about that agreement. Besides, when you're that age, the last thing you wanna do is read a bunch of boring stuff when you could be playing the newest and greatest online game.

Susan Carmichael said:

I completely agree.

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Susan Carmichael on Grimes with Susan: I completely agree.
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