Koster, X-47

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Chapters 1-3 were very interesting and surprisingly not a bad read. These chapters do talk about being bored and I am usually bored when I read text books but this was not as bad as I was anticipating.

In chapter 1 Koster says ``I also have plenty of experiences where I stare at something and simply don`t get it. He then talks about how when this happens he usually just turns away. I am the exact same way most of the time when it comes to things I stare at and cannot understand. I will just become frustrated and bored and I will turn away. If i am unable to relate to something or understand something I will become bored easily and turn away.

Koster explains in chapter 2 how noise is any pattern we dont understand. I think music is a perfect example of this. Most of the music I do not enjoy listening to i relate to just noise. Most of the time this is becuase I do not understand the beat or melody and just dismis the song of genre of music. I think most of us could say this is true with music. Once we finally are able to understand the patter of the music we can appreciate the music more.

In chapter 3 Koster talks about how games are puzzels to solve, just like everythign else in life. This is completely true with whatever is occuring in our life. Take an everyday situation for example like getting up and getting ready for class. This sounds like such a simple task but it is still a puzzle we must solve. What time do I get up, do I shower then eat or eat and then shower, etc. The simplest things we do in life are still puzzels we must solve day in and day out.




Matt Takacs said:

In addition to life being a puzzle, someone also compared it to a role playing game. We gain experience, level up, and journey on.

Jeremy Barrick said:

Yes, I am not usually entertained when I read a text. They tend to be a bit dry.

Beth Anne Swartzwelder said:

I definitely like Koster's style of writing too! I was actually surprised at how quickly I read through the text so far. Usually it takes me twice as long as it should because I can't stay focused. I thought that the cartoons on the side would be kind of juvenile but actually, they were a nice quick synopsis of what he talked about on the previous page.

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