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I look at modding as being able to create different levels or modifying the current ones. This happens a lot in sports games. A game I have talked about before is Tiger Woods Golf. In every version of Tiger Woods you are able to create your own golf course and play tournaments on that course. In most sports games you are allowed to enter into a manager modd and begin creating a team as well as a venue for your team to play in. In NCAA football a gamer is able to create a player and do different drills to improve the stats of this player. The gamer is then able to put his player onto a team he created and begin attempting to win a National Championship with this team. Modding is very popular in sports games because it gives gamers something extra to look at and always leaves some excitment in the game no matter how long you have played it. This is why I love sports games so much because they allow you to build your own franchise and make you feel like you are running a college program, or the creater of an amazing golf course.


Jeremy Barrick said:

Being able to tork a game makes it just that more exciting. It gives the palyer a sense of being involved in the making of the game, and with modding options, one can really modify it to their specifications.

Jessie Krehlik said:

I always forget about the modding capabilities in sports games. They've gotten a lot more complicated in recent years. I remember way back on the N64, most of my sports games only had the basic teams. If there were modding possibilities, I completely ignored them. In today's sports games, you can do so much more, and you really have to if you want to be truly successful in a game. I like to think of it more as a huge customization than as modding, but I guess the two are the same, aren't they? I personally never get much further than creating my own custom character in Tiger Woods golf--my dad usually yells at me that I'm taking too much time...

KeithCampbell Author Profile Page said:

I agree that to be turly successful in a sports game today you really do have to do much more than just play the game. Being able to do these extra things like modding makes them game more fun for a longer period of time. The deisgners had to do this sort of thing to hold the gamers attention untill the designers could come out with the next version

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