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Throughout the class we have looked at how video games and computer games can be used for entertainment and as an educational tool. We have talked about connecting with games and our frustrations with some games. Some people have brought up how media is portraying video games in a negative light, now lets talk about how video games can bring a family together and be a positive tool instead of a negative one.

Most video games have a mulitplayer option, allowing for people to play and enjoy the games together. Video games such as Guitar Hero, Wii Sports, and others like these games, are not the violent games that the media potrays as a bad thing. These are the video games that are not talked about often and are used as a game that interests all ages and brings family and friends together.

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Susan Carmichael said:

Keith, I agree that all of these games are often overlooked in articles that deal with video game violence and negativity. It is a shame because they have brought a new and positive dimension to family fun, especially the Wii since it also encourages physical activity. I have played all of your gaming examples with friends or family except Wii Dance and Adventure. I enjoyed Wii Family Trainer and definitely received a workout. In the case of Guitar Hero even if you only own one guitar, it is still so much fun playing with another person or group. Let’s hope that these games continue to be developed and help to change some people’s perception of gaming.

Susan Carmichael said:

By the way, great video!

Matt Takacs said:

I agree that video games bring people together. Its a lot like when the whole family sits down and plays Monopoly; everyone talks and has a good time. Guitar Hero is also introducing people to all sorts of different music which is another good thing.

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