The game of scratch

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It is interesting to me that this is designed to introduce kids  the basics of computer programming. We have talked about how games need to be interesting and help us connect for the game to be productive and successful. Scratch uses colorful blocks as bits and pieces of programming code that will only fit together in a certain way. This helps the kids become more engaged and interested in this. Elementary kids like coloring books and puzzels and scratch incorporates both of those. This helps kids look at scratch as a "fun" game instead of learning, which they are doing. This also teachers kids a very complicated thing in a very fun and simple way. I wish i had been able to experience this when I was younger.


Jessie Krehlik said:

I thought it was a pretty neat concept too. But how old do you think the kids who typically use this program would have to be? Some of the stuff Dr. Jerz was going over in the video seemed pretty complicated to me, and I already knew some of the basic stuff from coding an IF game. I feel like this game is useful, but you'd still need to teach it in a classroom setting in order for kids to reap the full benefits.

Susan Carmichael said:

I think that the age range of the kids could vary greatly, especially since children can just use the basic paint tool to create art without necessarily animating it. I also feel that today's children could pick it up very easily and learn through trial-and-error away from the classroom setting, but I agree with Jessie that they would reap the full benefits through the classroom.

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