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"Professionals and scholars that work with and within the computer industry are also partly responsible for the spread of negatively-biased information about games and gaming"-Williams and Smith. It then goes on to talk about a book that Kelly wrote on massively multiplayer online games.

"An American youth allegedly kills himself after being spurned by a female online player.."

It further explains that Kelly was not trying to emphasize this event and others but to explain this event due to a culture in digital games. 

By talking about this event it gives the media and other sources a lot of ammunition on the video game world. As cody said "The media typically reports bad news.." Although Kelly's book is trying to explain these tragic events and give reason to them, the media does not care about that and will only report on how video games cause another death. This is terrible that the media will disregard everything else except for the negative part, which will in turn, bring more lawsuits against video games and people will continue to try and get certain video games banned. Proffesionals and scholars that work within the computer industry should be trlking about positive aspects of video games to try to shed a new light on violent and other styles of video games. There are many people in this world who play violent video games and they do nothing bad, maybe that should begin to be reported instead of only the negative aspects of video games.







Matt Takacs said:

There are many people in this world who play violent video games and they do nothing bad.

In fact, they do good! The Child's Play charity is one of the largest communities of gamers who help those children in hospitals during Christmas time get games as gifts. I don't seem to remember any news organizations mentioning that.


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