October 10, 2004

thoughts on blogging

I do not like to blog. I have a hard time broadcasting my thoughts and feelings to the entire world, or just anyone who wants to take a gander. In a class situation it is quite different. The human interaction is there; the exact meaning is gained and there is no way anything can be misinterpreted because you can immediately defend yourself if something goes wrong. Blogging is quite different.

When you just type your thoughts down, with no face or inflection to put with the words, do you ever get a true sense of a person? Your opinions, thoughts and feelings, is something that only you have; it's what makes people unique. When it's words on a screen, there is no person.

Now, the other thing I feel wrong about is the fact that whether I write it down here or not, I'm going to say the exact thing when asked in person. In fact, personal or class related, I'd much rather be asked to my face so I can accurately give the correct response. I don't feel I can do that here at all, and I know what I'm trying to say is not going to be exactly what I mean, but this subject isn't going to be asked of me any time soon in person. Thanks for reading.

Posted by KellySmogor at October 10, 2004 11:27 PM
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