A Sale's Pitch for Marriage

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Wojtyla's look upon marriage is extremely obvious... he thinks highly of it. This was a man who was about to become pope later in his life (John Paul II). In Catholism, marriage is seen as a extremely important value in human life. While I was reading this play I've deterimed that it was sort of like a sales pitch for people to think about marriage. The subtitle of the drama says A meditation on the sacrament of matrimony, passing on occasion into a drama. As being a person that take a stand alongside the santity of marriage, Wojtyla most likely wanted the audience to know and feel what it is like to be involved in all stages started with the engagement. Wojtyla really put emphasis on the engagement between Andrew and Teresa. Check out this quote:
TERESA: So, we are standing reflected in the window, as if in a mirror which catches the future: Andrew takes one of the rings, I take the other, we take each other by the hand- my God, how simple that is.
Notice how raw the emotion is. So, do you think Wojtyla ( who is now the late John Paul II) had an agenda that people difinetly what to hear about marriage?

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Yeah, but then there's Stefan and Anna. How do they fit into Wojtyla's message? Is it - stay married even if you're miserable?