Ep 1: Is It Love Or Harassment


Obviously, there is a relationship between Mr. Jones and the Young Woman in the beginning of this play. They're rumors in the work place that suggest this fling, but the Young Woman seem to be scared. Is it because of love or something worse. I think it's harassment. The emotions she suggest give a recoil action against the boss. And it seems everybody knew about it. Like this conversation that really caught my eye. TELEPHONE GIRL: Did you flinch, kid?


TELEPHONE GIRL: Did he pinch?

I don't think that very professional. Do you? It also goes on by saying that if she the him no she will be fired. Ponder this, wouldn't be just like a chauvinistic and unetihcal man with a lot of power to oppose his will on anybody, then alone the Young Woman


There's plenty of evidence to suggest that the relationship isn't reciprocal. Note the "flinch/pinch" rhyme. There's a pattern and a pace to these scenes that echoes the mechanical isolation the Young Woman feels. (Good observation, Kevin.)

In the beginning, I thought that Mr. J. was having an affair with the young woman. But as i read, i got that they were dating and that he purposed to her. But i also got the feeling that he wasn't harrassing her, but forcing her to marry him. But i understand where you are coming from.

I agree with you that I don't think it was very professional, but because I assuming that they were in a realtionship then I do think it was appropriate. I would think that it makes it difficult to be professional to your lover and I doubt that either person would want to be treated like an 'ordinary' person. ANd if the woman was being forced into a relationship with the male than it is her fault just as much as his.