Need of Tragedy

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Rix claim that Oedipus was framed, has been followed up quite nicely. There's one part in the article when Rix said that Oedipus was the traditional scapegoat in the tragedy. He also stated that it Oedipus was needed to fall from grace so the tragedy can continue. Due to that reason he is "archetypical culprit of parricide and incest". My last blog I've asked you all if you think that Oedipus should pay for the crimes he accidentally done. I think Rix have given a lot of evidence saying that he is innocent. Do you think Rix gave enough evidence? You know the drill.

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That's a good point, Kevin. Oedipus never did anything to deserve the fate he received, it was just like his family was cursed and he had to take the blame for it.