A Daily Struggle

This must be a very confusing situation for Claire. Imagine your in a completely strange environment and a man sliding from under your bed tells you that you are in danger.This play starts off extremely well, it kind of reminds me of The Matrix , how Neo's life will never be the same after meeting Morphous. But here, all of the exciting things that see when through that day she won't remember. Just think about all the things she was exposed to: Her pot smoking kid, Her strange second husband, Her ex-con first husband, and a mother who almost speaks in a whole other language.This must be a daily struggle for her everyday that she wakes up. I like this change in the play, This is the Limping Man talking to Claire:

LIMPING MAN: ...But now I'm glad you poured that bacon grease down my ear. You know why? Becauthe it burned the bad part out of me.

Now not only is that going to get Heidi upset, but it show "remorse" in his character. Even though in a few seconds he's ready to hit her. I think it a good thing that Claire took her amnesia really positive in throughout the play. It shows the strength that she has even though she doesn't even though were she is sometimes. How do you think Claire's state of strength is throughout Fuddy Meers?