Halfway through MWG

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Do you like the plays we have been reading so far? I think that the plays show us to look at different points of our life very differently. Like the York Corpus Christi plays talking about all points of life in a Christain point of view (Of course) and Dr. Faustus teaching us about the flaw of having too much pride. When we watch a play or movie or read a script, we become in tuned with the plot. We feel that we are a part of the story, I think the same way about the plays we are reading in MWG...but it is just the extremely fast pace. I feel that I don't have a chance to absorb the messages of the plays. And when I do get the message, we on another play.I not complaining (hey it's college), but I just want to get this off my chest before break. We are already in mid-terms! I feel confident about the test and I will try to buckle down more for the rest of the semester. How have this half of the semester been for you?

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You're right, Kevin, we do go along at a brisk pace. I really enjoy your questions and comments in class, and I commend your positive attitude.

We will spend three or four classes on Hamlet, and later on in the term when we're working on the final term paper, we'll devote three whole periods to oral presentations, so that will give everyone a chance to revisit whatever plays you guys choose to focus on for your papers.