It's Like Looking at a 3-D Picture


You know those 3-D pictures that show a picture within a picture that you won't be able too tell if not looked carefully? Well some news stories are like that. Like this story on Yahoo news, about Evangilical Christains take over of the Republican Party. Some say it would be something that the country needed, while others (including fellow Christians)says just the opposite. It is the way we are raised and taught that make us able to see things in different light. No matter what no two people will think alike, so no two people should have the same interpretations of a new article. So, what do you think?


"No matter what no two people will think alike"; I'd be careful about making broad, generalizing statements like that, Kevin. There are plenty of people who think just like other people -- and sometimes, for good reasons.

I think you make a good point, Kevin--we see things filtered through our own perspective. We are the sum total of our experiences and those experiences influence us but they also change and evolve over time.