No Man Spareth

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There is one thing everyone in the world has in common...death. This play describes it as a "pilgrimage" to Heaven or Hell and "no man is spareth". Check this qoute out:
MESSENGER: Both Strength, Pleasure and Beauty,
Will fade from thee as flower in May.

It is what we do in life to determine where we will go. But is good deeds enough. A person could be a good person but not exactly a person of faith.We know in order to be in a state of grace you need to have faith, but do you believe that a person can be in good graces with God with only good deeds?

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Everyman has more than just Good Deeds. Of course he has faith. One issue of the Protestant Reformation was that Martin Luther (and others) said that faith alone was sufficient to earn salvation, while the rest of the medieval church said you need both faith and good deeds.

Sometimes this argument is distorted so that it seems the medieval church was talking only of good deeds ("works"), and certainly there were people who did public acts of charity in order to ease their conscience and avoid any real soul searching. But that's certainly not the argument being presented in this play.