What the Pope Do to them?

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When I blogged about this play before, I explained how power can corrupt people. I think that the theory is coming together in Act 3. We see Faustus just blantenly disrespects the pope. Check out this conversation:
Fall to, the Devil choke you an you spare.
Who's that spoke? Friars, look about.
Lord Raymond, pray fall to; I am beholding
to the Bishop of Milan, for this so rare a present.
I thank you sir. (Snatches it)
How now! Who snatched the meat from me?
Villains, why speak you not?

Now is this what he sold his soul for? Just to do small kids games to the pope. Maybe he have done this so he can feel superior over the most religious figure he could possibly come across. I think Marlowe may not like the pope, and uses Faustus to show everyone else how musch he does. You can look at Gothic architecture and see the popularity of the pope. When builder was constructing the Notre Dame Cathedrel in France, they depicted the pope as one of the gargoyle s on the ledges of the buildings. Maybe that either Marlowe himself or Faustus feels about the pope that what it to be know to the audience. Which one do you think have problems with him? Marlowe or Faustus.

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