Why be so Obvious?


When Hamlet's plan to reveal the guilt of Claudius being the murderer of the king, every thing fell into place. Claudius watched the play as it re-enacted what he had done with King Hamlet. His only reaction was this quote:

CLAUDIUS: Give me some light: away!

That's the power of drama for you! Maybe this outburst by Claudius was in fact him being sorry for want he done. But it's extremely clear that it doesn't last long because he tries so hard to get rid of Hamlet. Maybe if Claudius would have repented and stepped down from the throne he would have been all right (Hamlet wouldn't have killed him when he repented becuase he would have gone to Heaven). Do you think that Claudius regret killing the king or just regret get caught by Hamlet.


I think Claudius acts foolishly and makes it very obvious he killed Old Hamlet. I'm not sure if I agree Claudious knows it was Hamlet who told the players to reenact Old Hamlet's death, though. I just always thought he wacthes this play, it is very similar to the crime he committed, he gets freaked out, and then leaves.

Good point, Kevin! For a murderous, scheming plotter, Claudius certainly doesn't have a pokerface! But then, that's part of the message of Shakespeare -- our evil actions have an affect on our personalities, and soon our actions take control of us.

Kevin, I agree as well, but I'm not sure that if Claudius repented Hamlet still wouldn't have killed him. As we saw already, Hamlet was really affected by the ghost and everything that he has done so far is because of what the ghost had said to him. I think that since the ghost told Hamlet to get revenge, he probably would have still killed Claudius anyway. Maybe not but that's just my opinion.

Honestly, I don't think that he regrets killing the king at all. As a matter of fact, when he's in the chapel praying, he wishes that he COULD be sorry. That's an interesting comment that Dr. Jerz made about the mesage of Shakespeare. I never thought about the message.