MWG Portfolio Collection 2

A Daily Struggle
This is my look on the characters of Fuddy Meers, and how I think Claire cope with amnesia. I also blog about how the other characters deal with Claire in her condition.

Fall From Grace
In this blog I discuss about the whole entire meaning of pride, and how it drove Lucifer to Hell and make others fail as well. I also talk about how pride is taught to us as a good thing. My classmates responded very well.

A Christain Carnivale
In this blog I state my opinions on how medeval England learn the stories of the Bible.

Sense Of A Problem
This entry I talk about how Shakespeare uses suprnatural powers in Hamlet to foreshadow events in the play. Amanda asked my did I like the ghost being in the play. I answered no and merely stated that I didn't understand the frequent use of them.


Fall from Grace
I saw different classmates views on this story and I was able to eloborate on them.

Why Be So Obvious
We as a class thought that Claudius may be sorry after seeing that play... or is he?


Sense of a Problem
Amanda and I discussion on the ghost in Act I.

Ding! Change Of Thought
I used a newly-aquired technique to assist Rachel.

Lorin is shocked about the discovery of Williams death and my "lies"


What the Pope do to them?
I blogged this entry really early. No wonder only one response.

The Corruption Of Power
Bloggers have their own "sermon" on Sunday morning.


Katie Aikins
Faustus to II
We discuss about the downfalls of Faustus. And what power do to people.

Katie reaches to me about Cladius' view about Hamlet.

Gina Burgese
Crazy People are so much fun
Gina and I relate to "A Sure Thing".

Denamarie Ercolani
I want you to be this
Denamarie thinks Amanda bosses around Laura in the Glass Menagerie. So do I.


Halfway through MWG
My views on the class so far.