Tennessee Williams was an acomplished playwright. But his death was less dignified. I said to some people that a toothpick while eating a snack had killed him. But in actually he suffocated to death by squirting nose spray in his nose but forget to take the cap off and it fell in his mouth and choke him. This fact was in the book called DUH: The Stupid History of the Human Race, now that may be distorted fact, but no matter how you try to fix it up there is so way that you can may that kind of death positive. Just a fact I wanted to throw out there. I'll bring the book tomorrow


Kevin, I'm confused. Why did you tell me after class today that he swallowed the toothpick if that is not really what happened? Either way, his death is quite bizarre, but you just can't do that. People in Brownlee don't lie.

I apologize, actually it was a different writer named Sherwood Anderson. They are both in the same page, I got them mixed up. I again apologize and you're right people in Brownlee don't lie.