Southern Slang and Struggles

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Fences is a good depiction of what exactly it is like to be a African-Americans in the South. With the obvious, being the slang and the usage of certain words like "ain't". It also seems that most depictions of a Black person from the South (or anywhere for that matter) is shown as being ignorant and hateful. Like this qoute for example:
TROY: I ain't making up nothing. I'm telling you the facts of what happened.

Now, I know people in the South talk like that (myself sometimes being from Virginia) and Wilson shows it perfectely, but the media portrayal of this kind of person is swamped with stereotypes galore. Basically, Black Southerners deal with the same problems and believe in the same things as everyone else. Read Rose's quote:
ROSE: (sing) Jesus, be a fence all around me every day
Jesus, I want you to protect me as I travel along the way.

They believe in Christainity like every one else in this country...
Here's another:
LYONS: I know I got to eat. But I got to live too. I need something that gonna help me to get out of bed in the morning.

They also have dreams. This play shows the family modern structure, with crumbling foundations (like a lot of American families). This play not only deals with outside prejudices it also deal with some in the family. Like how Troy deals with everyone else with the extensive use of the word "nigger". The whole character of Troy is a total totalitarian style of discipline. Like the huge fight between Cory and himself and what led up to it.

In short, judging people from different cultures isn't right. But plays like this, shows how a group of people are just like everyone else, the only differnece is the way we approach universal problems. This play should be use to learn more about this culture.

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Ok, this is going to be a little off subject from your entry, but your quote from Lyons just inspired this idea.

I think this line signifies the real trouble with Troy. He thinks the only thing that matters is that he and his family have a roof over their head, food in their stomachs, and clothes on their backs. That's all a person really needs right? But, as Lyons points out "I got to live too." I think the reason Troy doesn't see things that way because he was denied a chance to do something that would help him to get out of bed every morning. For him that something would have been baseball. I think if he hadn't been denied that he would have a different outlook on life and he wouldn't have the empty space inside himself that makes him feel the need to sleep with the other woman or prevent Cory from living his dreams.