Easing Down the Road


Intro to Lit Study EL 150

Foster, How to Read... Section 1-3,5

Is it simple to say that if we go on the quest that we will not answer the question that we originally asked? Instead, we answer another question that we inevitably have to solve. I agree with Foster when he say that the real reason why a character go on a quest is due to self knowledge.
"The real reason never involves the stated reason"

That character will learn he real potential after he or she goes through trial and error. The old grrek myth of Hercules come to mind when I read this particular chapter. He does 12 deeds that seem to be impossible, but by him facing it down....he recieved a spot on Mt. Olympius. This is a simple rags to riches story, in fact simliar stories follow the same criteria of self-knowledge. You only know untill you try, right?


Kevin I agree with what you said about characters going through a trial and error stage. That kind of reminds me of the lifelong journey that every person has. We all will make mistakes but we have to get to a road and make it til the end.

I like how Foster mentions that everyday can be a quest but sometimes "I just drive to work." I love to read simply to see if the characters get what they were truly looking for and not just the extrinsic reward.