Blank Verse...Really?


Intro to Lit Study--EL 150
Blank Verse Blog Entry

Don't be ridiculous! Blank Verse! Really?
Making an entry this way...not easy.
Struggling to come up with words and rhymes.
I can easily think of better times.
I sit here trying to be a poet.
Looks like I am one and did not know it.
I look outside thinking of sweet old home.
In Richmond, I shall rest and shall not roam.
Preparing for the long journey down south,
words of love and affection out my mouth.
I can rest but I too, must get work done.
So my grades will not drop in the long run.
I know this spring semester will go fast,
and forget about the dead hand of the past.


I miss Virginia clay -- rust red and thick
When wet. This sandy Pittsburgh dirt
Will never make a sticky mess quite like
The peanut-butter mud I loved in youth.

I miss my home as well, Kelo the Great.
But keep your head up high and do not fear.
Our home is closer than you really think.

you both can come and visit my house now
i live right up the road and you can call
it home if you want to! and dont feel sad
because we just got four more days to go.