Good and Bad News

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I have good and bad news.... Good news is for those Steeler fans out there is that they won Super Bowl XL. It is not surprising, look who they were facing.

The bad news is that J-web thing in class is that it's getting a little bit annoying. I'm confusing and the only good thing about it is that I can SEE that I'm confused (i.e. seeing the average). When I tried to do my homework my internet died and I couldn't get back on when I got it up again. Is there something I'm missing from the class? If there is please tell me. To close...Congrats to the Steelers and down with J-Web.

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I agree J-Web leaves much to be desired, but it's the system SHU provides, so we're stuck with it.

While the system does give instant feedback for the multiple-choice questions, that alone doesn't actually "teach" anything -- so don't think of the J-Web exercises as anything more than introductory activities that help us find out where we need to spend more time.